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Timbuk2 Snoop The perfect DSLR Laptop Messenger Bag Video Review

timbuk2 snoop bag - small

Where to buy Timbuk2 Snoop bag

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Video Transcript

What’s going on everybody?  This is Tim from TIMSTECHBLOG.  No, I actually forgot my tripod is my card is getting serviced right now.

If you’re like me, you’ll probably have at least one or two bags, maybe even three or four, but if you’re like me you have about five or six that are sitting in your closet and pissing your girlfriend off.

I have a laptop, a camera, you know, a lens or two, a flash, got all this stuff that I like to carry around to and from work and also when I travel, the few times that I travel.  I like to put everything in one bag and one bag only and I think I’ve found it sitting here to my right.  It’s made by a company called Timbuk2 which is a San Francisco based company.  I’m sure you guys have heard of them, but they made this awesome little bag that comes at a very reasonable price.  And what I’d like to do is go ahead and show you guys the pros and the cons to it, whether or not you should buy it and kind of just show you what it’s about.  So for the next few minutes hang out with me and let go.

The outside of the bag

[0 m 55 sec] So here’s the outside of the bag.  Now, what I’m going to be highlighting throughout this entire video is design, functionality and overall quality of this bag.  It comes in three different sizes – extra small, small and mediumSmall is what I have right here, which fits a 13 inch laptop and then the medium fits a 15 inch laptop and the extra small I think would only fit an iPad.  Now, the extra small goes for $59, small goes for $69 and the medium goes for $79 at the time of this video.  So make sure you guys head over there right now and grab it while you can.  So the outer shell is a nylon ballistic – a bulletproof nylon ballistic lining there.  So it’s super tough, keeps all of the weather elements out.

The inside of the bag

[1 m 45 sec] On the inside, we’ve got a TPU lining here that is also a nice protector against all the weather elements, keeping your gear nice and safe on the inside.  On the right hand side you’ve got this large clip which is a very quick easy access to take the bag on and off so it won’t mess up your helmet or your hair, which is nice.

It’s attached by two Velcros right here, two vertical Velcro straps there and then two horizontal ones going across which is good because it also gives you, you know, a different length that you can Velcro it which comes in handy because my camera’s a little bit bigger and when I have it in here it kind of sticks out a little bit.  So these extra vertical Velcros help give it extra room.  On the right hand side there’s this little pocket – zipper pocket there that’s quick access so you don’t actually have to open the bag, you can just kind of slip in here, put your phone, wallet and keys and the hole is actually really, really big, it kind of covers your … my entire hand up to my forearm there.

So nice and big, we’ve got this little Timbuk2 logo here, with the little handle.  On the bottom it has these two pull tight straps that is good for like a tripod, right.  On the inside it’s got these two … what I found very, very interesting, I didn’t really notice them at first but these two little Velcro straps that strap here, that cause it to fold in like that, which is super clean, because (1) it gives the bag a nice look when it’s closed.

Velcro straps

[3 m 18 sec] You can kind of see how those are working there, it gives it … it looks like a … like a folded piece of, like a present.  But anyway, those fold in and Velcro to each other very nicely.  But why they open, so you can pull the laptop in and out of here.


[3 m 31 sec] You’ve got compartment one there, compartment two and compartment number three which comes in really handy.  I put my flash and my business cards on this side along with the card reader, put my main camera right here and my other lenses over here along with my actual digital … not digital, my film camera, my AE1 program which is sitting right there.  That’s all the stuff that goes into it, my lenses there and everything.  So this bag is super nice.

I just took it to Hawaii and it only was the bag that I carry around everywhere I went.  Now, it’s nice because inside the bag it’s actually just a little bit of … this is actually just a little a liner.  So it’s a classic messenger bag, here’s the pocket for the laptop there, it’s nice and padded on the back side right here.  You can feel some foam padding, it’s nice and protected.  And along right here, they give you some extra partitions there to let you kind of customize this compartment here.  It’s really cool too because this also zips up, so if you want to keep your stuff in this bag alone and you have another backpack or something, you can just kind of zip up your camera here and your lenses and all that stuff.  And got a little hand right there and go on your day.  So more compartments to explore are this front zipper here which has this little key clip thing, attached by a nice little nylon, very, very sturdy and durable thing there which is nice.

Compartment number two I guess or slot number two gives you more storage space.  And this is my favorite pocket, the front pocket here which is clear see through, I put keys and some memory cards in there so that way you can see what’s going on.

Velcro silencers

[5 m 15 sec] Now, another little feature set of these guys is that they come with these Velcro silencers.  And what these do is they just stick onto the Velcro strips here.  And so where these come in handy is that if you need to get in your bag and you don’t want to be in a loud area and you want to be quiet, you just put those on there and rely on the buckles here to fasten your bag.

Alright, here’s all my stuff, I’ve got my laptop there, my card reader, my Sigma 514 there which is a big hefty lens if you guys don’t know much about it.  Hey, stay tuned for the review on this guy by the way.  My 80s flash there, some miscellaneous cables, HDMI cable, iPod, iPhone, sync cable, the USB cable for my memory … I’m sorry, for my card reader there, check book, who uses check books anymore, but I guess I have to have it in there for whatever reasons, some film there, my film camera, my 80 – my Canon AD1 program and a little notebook in the background, some business cards here, a little thing of drugs.  Now, all this fits in there and the actual camera, the one I’m shooting on, fits in the middle compartment there.  And so what I’m going to do is stuff everything in there, show you what it looks like and then I’ll be right back.

We’ll go through here; got the old digital … I’m sorry, why do I keep saying that, the film camera right there, Canon AD1P sits nice and snug right in there.  Looks good.  I’ve got my Sigma 514 right there and this is also the main compartment where my camera gets stowed as well.  But I’m currently shooting on it so that’s impossible to do.  We’ve got lip compartments here that hold the flash, my business cards, card reader and some extra film there.  The little violet pills that stay right in there and this little open pocket as well as the rear end cap for the lens in there, okay.  This little slot, the cables and miscellaneous things go in there along with some … a key if I want to attach a key to that little key holder.  And the memory card slot right there which is nice and protected with this little see-through plastic, very, very nice quality is awesome.  Got the Velcro silencers there and this microfiber cloth that I also toss into there as well, put the flap down there.  Boom!  Everything gets locked in like that and we’re ready to go.

Wearing the bag on the back

[7 m 42 sec] Hi!  So here we are in the bathroom with the bag on the back, just to let you guys know, I’m about 5.8½/5.9, weigh about 160, my waist size is 32 and that will give you an idea of how this will compare on your body.  So anyway, again this is the messenger bag, it goes across the chest there right or left, it doesn’t matter.  The bag sits very, very comfortably … let’s see if I can get that … on my lower back, right above my butt, and feels very, very good.  The quality is on points, got a nice little cushion.  I can run around with it without it moving around, never afraid that these straps are going to getting up, they’re really, really tough, they’re thick, both in width and in, I guess, overall thickness, you can set it down, adjust the strap, make it tighter if you’d like, with that little quick release there.  And this also serves as like a little handle too, you can pull it if you choose to do that.  Again, across the back, there it is.  I’m out of here, I’m on my way just riding my bike, walking mostly or just going to work.

This bag is awesome, this is my go to bag for everyday use, work use, travel use, going to the city use – everything.  The biggest and coolest feature that I like to use most often is the quick side pocket, pocket that you have here that is zipper controlled, that you can just, you know, pull out your notebook, let’s say, wallet, whatever you’d like, without even having to open up the bag itself, the lid stays shut.  Boom!  You’re riding a bike, you can just reach back there and grab it as well.

Overall thoughts on the bag

[9 m 29 sec] So my overall thoughts on this bag are huge, the price point, $69 bucks, for what … again, this is the small version, it comes in three different colors and I think it’s like a grey and a green, a black and a grey and this grey and red color, but the black one is sold out everywhere, I tried to find it, 60 bucks is nothing for the features, [0:09:48.9] quality and the overall functionality of this bag.  I can highly, highly recommend that you guys check it out.  Hope you guys found this video informative, if I left anything out or if you have any other questions just drop a comment below.  I answer all my comments, PM me, follow me on twitter at TIMSTECHBLOG, Timbuk2 did not send this out to me for … to review about this with my own dollar bills, so just to let you guys know, I want to support this company and so should you.

Check the bag out, love it, great everyday tech bag, camera bag, comes highly recommended from TIMSTECHBLOG.  You guys have a great day.  Hope you guys found this video informative, one of those if you liked it, one of those if you didn’t.

Note form the editor

Big thanks to Tim from “TIMSTECHBLOG”  for putting together this wonderful Timbuk2 Snoop Bag review.

Where to buy

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Take a look at Timbuk2 messenger bags we found for you.

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