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Mission Workshop Rummy Rolltop Messenger Bag Review

The Rummy messenger bag showing roll top compartment

Mission Workshop Rummy Rolltop Messenger Bag Review

Welcome to another episode of Mike’s Bikes review.  I’m going to be showing you the Mission Workshop Rummy Rolltop Messenger Bag.  Mission Workshop is a company based out of San Francisco.  They create and design bike-related products.

Where can I buy Mission Workshop Rummy Rolltop?

These bags are sold out. See all messenger bags on sale

The Rummy Rolltop Messenger Bag–Let’s Take a Look!

This review is for the new medium-sized Rolltop Messenger bag.
The Rummy difference for most messenger bags on the market with this large rolltop cargo compartment and also has features that other bags don’t offer.  The Rummy is completely waterproof.  There are two large access pockets in the front that I like to store my bike lock and my cable. It has a large zipper section in the middle with five individual pockets.  The middle compartment in the Rummy and the Shed, which is the larger version, will house a 15-inch laptop.  The main shoulder strap is reversible, so you can wear it on the left or the right side.  The bag’s main strap is easily tightened with a pull of the strap and is easily loosened with the aluminum handle.  And there’s also a little strap sleeve that keeps the excess strap that hangs out from flapping around in the air when you’re riding.  The bag also features an underarm stabilizer strap, so that the bag doesn’t fall forward when you’re in the sprinting position on your bike.

Additional Features of the Rummy–Volume, Versatility

The Mission Workshop Rummy is one of my favorite messenger bags I’ve ever owned.  It’s more comfortable and more stable than my in-case sling bag and it also holds a lot more things than my older Chrome messenger bag.

The rolltop compartment in this bag is extremely large and it can fit basically anything.  I was able to fit a gallon of milk, a bottle of detergent, a bike helmet, a bike pump, one of my R.E.I. jackets, a Starbuck’s apron, two gloves, all within the bag.  This is to show you the massive amount of interior volume, just in that one compartment.  Also, the bag is very versatile to where you can carry a bike frame on your bag.

The Value of the Rummy

These bags retail from $149 to $179, depending on the size.  These bags are a little pricey, but they are worth the expense.  They are extremely well-built and they have a lifetime warranty and the customer service that I’ve had personally from Mission Workshop has been second-to-none.

Note form the editor

Big thanks to “Mike’s Bikes”  for putting together this wonderful mission workshop Rummy courier bag review.

Where to buy

These bags are sold out. See all messenger bags on sale

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