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Mission Workshop Fitzroy Backpack Review Video Review

fitzroy bag review mission workshop

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fitzrory bag review internal compartment

Updated Fitzroy Video Review

Video Transcript

Hello, folks! Steve from Carry Small.  Once again I’m going to today review the Mission Workshop Fitzroy Rucksack, made out of their waxed canvas material.

Mission Workshop

Now, I really like Mission Workshop for a number of reasons.  Um…we were up there a few weeks ago and we actually went to their location, where they make these right in the Mission district in San Francisco.

Fitzroy BAG Material and Buckle System

And we looked a number of different (um) products and backpacks that they make and we really did like the waxed canvas–I mean–it’s really kind of a, almost a  beat-up kind of look i mean it can it has it has faults in it, but that’s just the way it is, and it makes it actually be a, a more aesthetically pleasing kind of backpack.

[0 min 44 sec]They use these cool buckles just like this and they just go up over, over the (uh) pieces–I guess these are thick nylon pieces.  But they just go like that and they come on and they go off and they go on…but it’s really, it’s really an innovative buckle system.

Fitzroy’s Interior Volume and Compartments

[1 m 00 sec]
Now, what’s interesting about this, as compared to a-another bag that I have from Chrome is that when you open this thing, this thing is huge, it can hold a lot, if you open it…And now, you’ve got this entire, this entire huge area to put stuff.  And it’s got, It’s got a zipper on the inside, which goes all the way to the bottom.  So that’s…you have your main compartment, you have a zipper compartment, let’s say, for dirty clothes.  And in the front, you’ve got a big pocket, right here in the front, it goes all the way to the bottom.  You’ve got another pocket, just a little pocket here for like keys, wallets, tickets, that kind of thing.  Another pocket here, which goes all the way to the bottom.  Toilet, toilet items, (um) stuff like that.  There’s another flip pocket here in the front.  You could put ipods, phones, just little stuff that (uh) you have to put in quick.

The Build Quality of the Fitzroy–Straight from the Upstairs Workshop!
But what’s really nice, what’s really nice is the build quality of this.  And it was kind of cool because we were up there and they didn’t really have…This is a, this was a limited, a limited edition product and they only had one left on the shelf.  They had this one, but it wasn’t complete yet.  So we were the only ones left there on a Saturday morning and it’s just on a little side street in the, in the (uh) Mission district.  To actually go up there and see it is not really what you’d experience from their web presence because it’s just a totally, a totally great little alley that they’re in and they make these things right upstairs in their workshop–hence, Mission Workshop.

[2 min 35 sec] So, the guy that helped us, he went upstairs and finished this one for us.  And it’s just…I mean, this is the advanced project with the cool buckle system.  The waxed canvas is just, is just excellent.  And it did actually get a little workout in the rain because it was raining on Saturday when we were up there.

Fitzroy’s Straps

[2 m 52 sec]
Nice straps on the back.  Nice and big.  Not going to (uh) cut into your shoulders.  The back is a mesh/nylon-type material.

Versions of the Fitzroy BAG

But, this is the Mission Workshop Fitzroy Rucksack.  This is the large fitzroy bag  version.  We saw a smaller version of this and the guy that was there, helping us–that’s what he used on a day-to-day basis.  It was like he could fit his lunch in it, it seemed like, and that’s about it.  But this is just a huge thing to, to hold more clothes than you could ever, ever use on a two-week vacation somewhere.

Great product.  Thanks for watching!

Note form the editor

Big thanks to Steve from “Carry Small”  for putting together this wonderful mission workshop Fitzroy Rucksack review.

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