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KAVU Rope Bag Review

The Kavu sling bag showing the rope strap

The KAVU Rope Bag Review – Stylish and Handy

The messenger-inspired style of this KAVU rope bag is both practical and stylish.  The KAVU Rope Bag is by far the most popular bag in the KAVU line. This bag is very popular with people of all ages.  Adjustable shoulder strap, two vertical zip compartments, two zip/key pockets, padded back with KAVU embroidery and ergonomic design conform comfortably to your body. I like carrying this bag around and get lots of compliments on the design and attention to detail in the stitching.
This bag will make a great gift for anyone, including your daughter, niece, mom and grandmother, they will love the design and practicality of the Rope Bag.

The fabric is very durable.  The coolest feature in this bag is the shoulder strap, which is made of rope and it’s very original and stylish.   The bag features 2 outer smaller pockets. I use one for my cell phone, which makes it very easy to get to.   You can sling this bag easily over your shoulder, so like a messenger bag, leaves your hands free and your gear tucked away .   You carry it on your back and shop hands free.

The Kavu sling bag showing the rope strap. Image from Kavu website.
The KAVU sling bag showing the rope strap.

The bag combines features of a backpack or messenger bag and purse.   There is an impressive amount of space in the two outer large pockets, two little pockets, and a small zipped up compartment in the back of the bigger pocket. It is very durable.

Occasionally I do find myself wishing the bag was bigger, but on the other hand, it doesn’t have the padding necessary to accommodate heavy loads. One disadvantage is the lack of padding in the sling strap, which isn’t an issue when carrying small loads, but uncomfortable when you throw heavy stuff in the bag. If the bag is full and heavy it is a little uncomfortable for long periods.


I really like carrying this bag around.  It is far more practical than a purse – you can fit all yo normally put in a purse and so much more.  You can easily fit a light jacket and a wallet, snacks, some books and a key chain in it.  It’s greatest feature is it’s stylish design.

The Kavu sling bag showing the large inside compartment. Image from Kavu website.
The KAVU sling bag showing the large inside compartment

The sling strap is made of rope and has a snap buckle at the base, so you can quickly unlatch it if you need – much like a messenger bag. There are lots of pockets for stuff everywhere.  There is a large inner pocket – your main compartment, on one side, and another, smaller zippered pocket on the other side. On the inside of the large compartment you have a hidden zippered pocket, say if you need to put something you don’t want to get lost in with the rest of your stuff, like a passport, you can stick it in there.  There are also two pockets on the outside, which you can use to store wallets, cash, keys and snacks, and a top small pocket you can stick your keys or coins into.

Lots of people reported using this as a pseudo diaper bag. Practical, and has many uses.


The bag is made from very durable and robust 100% Cotton Canvas.

Pros and Cons

Things we liked

  • Great size, lightweight, a purse for those who don’t like purses
  • This bag comes in a wide variety of colours almost 20 different colours to choose from
  • Lots of pockets and zippers: it has a pocket and zipper for everything
  • Great vacation bag

Things we didn’t like. A few disadvantages

  • It is a bit smaller than expected
  • Shoulder strap is not padded so it is a little uncomfortable if carrying heavy items.

Dimensions and Specifications


  •  20″ x 11″ (inches) or 51 cm x 28 cm

The company KAVU was founded in 1993, and the name stands for Klear Above Visibility Unlimited.  They make high quality mens and women’s outdoor clothing, hats, bags, sunglasses and accessories.

Where to Buy the KAVU Rope Bag

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